Wisdom Tooth Removal in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Our dentists at Dentistry on Queenston in Hamilton and Stoney Creek perform most of the tooth extractions in-house. Where possible, we provide various tooth replacement options including dental implant to you before extracting your tooth.


Many times, the wisdom teeth are unable to erupt normally so they either remain below the jawline or don't grow properly (misaligned or poorly angled) and can damage nearby teeth, nerves or the jawbone. Dentists call these teeth "impacted". We can check if you you have impacted wisdom teeth by taking X-rays of the teeth. If X-rays show there is a chance that impacted teeth may cause problem, we may recommend that the tooth or teeth be extracted. 


Because of wisdom teeth’s hard to reach location and weird alignment/angle, they are difficult to brush and floss. Partially erupted tooth can have an opening for bacteria to enter around the wisdom tooth. This can cause pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and/or illness. Additionally, partially erupted teeth are more prone to gum disease and tooth decay

Please call our Dentistry on Queenston dental office in Hamilton and Stoney Creek for your tooth extraction at (905) 561-7310 or visit us or complete the online form if you think you need a tooth extraction or you have been informed by another dentist that you need one. We are open 6 days to week.

After extraction, a tooth should be replaced and there are many options for replacing the missing tooth and consequences if a tooth that should be replaced isn't replaced.