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​Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

With Age Cometh Wisdom Teeth


Having wisdom teeth does not make your wiser, smarter or more intelligence. Not having wisdom teeth or getting them extracted does not lower your intelligence. In other words, wisdom teeth have no relationship whatsoever to your intelligence of any type – IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient), etc.

Wisdom teeth are the toughest and the biggest molars. They generally come between the ages of 17 and 25 (your high school and university years), so do come problems related to them. Not all people get their wisdom teeth and not all people have trouble with their wisdom teeth. Some wisdom teeth never erupt and some people have only 1-2 erupted wisdom teeth. Approximately 35% of the population don’t have wisdom teeth – that’s roughly 1 in 3 people.

Good news first! Wisdom teeth provide many benefits. They perform the same job as your other molars. They help maintain bone in your jaw, provide support in the back of your mouth and benefit the health of your temporomandibular joint.

You should keep your wisdom teeth if they are fully erupted, healthy, properly aligned, painless, fully functional, disease free, cavity free and you are able clean them properly. Why go through surgery-related risks, recovery period, discomfort, medications, anesthesia, stitches, side effects etc. when you don’t have to? Nature gave us wisdom teeth for a reason.

On flip side, wisdom teeth can be real trouble makers. They can damage other teeth, damage jawbone and are more prone to caries. If you experience red, swollen, tender or bleeding gums, jaw pain or swelling around the jaw, bad breath, an unpleasant taste in your mouth, serious decay, sinus problem, or have difficulty in opening your mouth related to a wisdom tooth, it is better to remove it.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure. For example, more than 10 million wisdom teeth are removed in the USA every year – that’s a lot of teeth! A wisdom tooth extraction can be a simple extraction like any other tooth extraction if the wisdom tooth is fully erupted or a surgical extraction if it is not erupted (impacted). Wisdom tooth removal enjoys a high success rate of more than 95%.

If you experiencing any of the symptoms that may require removal of your wisdom tooth, we can help you to end your pain and suffering. At Dentistry on Queenston in Hamilton Stoney Creek, we perform both simple and surgical wisdom tooth extractions in-house. To make an informed decision and book your wisdom tooth removal appointment, please

Call: 905-561-7310,


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Walk in: 700 Queenston Rd., Hamilton (next to Canadian Tire).

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