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Dental Hygiene Services Like Teeth Cleaning And Dental Checkup For Less Than The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee A Day

Your oral health is connected to your overall health. Your mouth is the breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between oral health and longevity. For example, there is a link between gum disease and commonly known health issues such as heart disease, hear attack, stroke, diabetes, and dementia. 

When it comes to oral health, prevention (although it is less motivating than pain) is the best medicine. You can avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, suffering and pain by regular checkups (including diagnostic images such as x-rays) and cleanings. They are a far better choice than fillings, extractions and implants. 

Regular checkups and teeth cleanings are easily affordable. For example, the price of a medium cup of coffee at a popular Canadian multinational fast food restaurant chain is $1.79. That's $653.35 a year at the rate of 1 cup of coffee a day. Dental checkups and teeth cleanings cost much less than that!

If you are a healthy individual, chances are you see your dentist more often than any other health professional. There is a good reason for this. Dentistry is uniquely focused on prevention. It helps you keep your natural teeth and allows children to have their adult teeth come strong and healthy.  

You can also keep your teeth free from things that cause cavities and diseases in your mouth by dental sealants. They are thin, plastic coatings painted onto the chewing surfaces of the molars and don't require any drilling or tooth structure removal. They form a barrier that protects teeth and prevents food and bacteria from getting trapped there. Dental sealants are usually invisible when you talk or smile. 

Our preventative dentistry program is designed to prevent new cavities, manage tooth-related diseases, and preserve your natural and restored teeth. During your visit to Dentistry on Queenston, your dentist and hygienist will:

  • Examine your teeth and gums to ensure they are in good shape

  • Spot serious oral health problems early and treat them

  • Demonstrate to you how to brush and floss your teeth properly

  • Professionally clean your teeth and remove any debris which can contribute to cavities and gum disease

At your first visit, your hygienist will provide hygiene instructions and review the progress during subsequent visits. 

Does brushing or flossing cause your gums to bleed or hurt your mouth? You don't need to go through pain, suffering, and lose time at work or school. Book your dental examination and hygiene appointment with our Hamilton Stoney Creek office today. 

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