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Dental Emergency Same-Day Appointments in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Handling of A Dental Emergency Can Mean Losing or Saving Your Tooth

A dental emergency means you require immediate care to save a tooth, relieve severe pain, or control or prevent an infection. Accidents can and do happen. Properly handling a dental emergency can mean difference between losing or keeping your tooth.


Although rarely life threatening, dental emergencies can be scary and painful. Nobody wants to be in a dental emergency situation and there’s never a good time for it. However, you must deal with it quickly and never ignore it. Tooth pain is the most common type of dental emergency. A broken or chipped tooth can be saved most of the time. A knocked out adult tooth may be put back if you see us immediately and bring the tooth with you.

The good news is that most dental emergencies can be avoided by preventive measures such as taking precautions like wearing mouthguard and helmet while playing sports, not chewing on hard objects such as ice, not using your teeth as tools, and regular dental checkups.

Another good news is that not all dental emergencies require seeing us same day or involve pain. Dental emergencies can be urgent or non-urgent. Each emergency requires an individual response and a unique treatment.

Being prepared for a dental emergency and contacting our office immediately can increase your chances of saving your tooth and preventing further damage. Please keep our information handy – post it on your fridge door and/or feed it in your phone.

A word of caution. Never reinsert a knocked-out baby tooth back into the tooth opening – it may affect eruption of adult tooth. Don’t put pills in your sore tooth – it may damage your gums. Don’t put hot water bottle or a heating pad or any other source of heat – it will worsen the problem.

If you are having trouble breathing or your mouth fills with blood, please call 9-1-1 or rush to the nearest hospital emergency department.

If you are experiencing:

  • Bleeding that won’t stop after a tooth extraction;

  • Fast increasing swelling to your mouth, face or neck;

  • Severe dental or facial pain that you can’t control with over-the-counter medications;

  • Traumatic injury to teeth, mouth or jaw caused by an accident or otherwise;

  • Badly bitten lip or tongue; or

  • A knocked-out tooth;

please stay calm and call us at 905-561-7310 between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm, 7 days a week, including holidays and speak to one of our dentists. Please let us know your symptoms and we’ll advise you on how to deal with the urgent dental emergency situation. Or just walk in during the normal business hours.


If you have lost a filling, have a dislodged crown or bridge, have a broken or cracked tooth, have a broken or damaged night guard or a retainer, have broken dentures, have mild toothache, have lost a filling, or have an object or food stuck between teeth, please 

Call: 905-561-7310,


Submit: Online form, or

Walk in: 700 Queenston Rd., Hamilton (next to Canadian Tire).

to schedule a same day or next day emergency appointment.

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