Tooth Cavity Fillings in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Tooth-Coloured Composite and Silver Amalgam Tooth Fillings Available in Hamilton and Stoney Creek



Have cavities, feeling tooth ache, feeling pain when eating sweet, cold or hot food, infection, a cracked tooth, erratic pain when chewing, or bleeding gums?


Although cavities or dental caries are common, they are both fixable and preventable. Fillings are still one of the most common dental care services performed and here in Hamilton, Ontario it is no different. There are several different types of fillings available to choose from, thanks to modern advances in dental care and filling composition.

At Dentistry on Queenston, you can have either composite (white or tooth-coloured) or amalgam (silver) fillings done. Each one has their own unique advantages and disadvantages that our dental team can review with you. We can make a recommendation and will assist you in determining the type of filling that best fits your individual case as well as your specific wants and needs.

We invite you to call 905-561-7310 or come by our office in Hamilton and Stoney Creek and speak with one of our team members to book an appointment with one of our dentists for a complete evaluation so that we can help you with tooth filling you may need.