Dentures in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Despite technological advances, the materials used to make denture teeth are more fragile than natural teeth. As a result, the dentures wear out faster than natural teeth and, depending upon the wear and tear and changes in bone structure, dentures should be replaced with a new set after every 5 years or so.

It's a myth that only seniors need dentures. The fact is that anyone can need dentures. For example, hockey players, accident survivors, people with generic disorders and people with periodontal disease. Other reasons could include pregnancy, tooth developmental defects due to severe malnutrition, tooth decay and drug use. 

When we deliver your dentures to you, you will also receive instructions on how to properly care for your dentures to ensure their longevity and minimizing health risks. In the beginning, we may want to see you often to ensure that the denture fit. Over time, your gums will change shape, and your dentures may need to be adjusted or replaced. We at Dentistry on Queenston in Hamilton and Stoney Creek will gladly handle these adjustments. 

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