Root Canal Therapy in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Root Canal Treatment in Hamilton and Stoney Creek

Dentistry on Queenston's goal is to restore your mouth to the most natural state possible in an anxiety-free manner. If your tooth has a large crack, severe pain, an abscess or a cavity, you may need root canal therapy to save it. Signs that you need root canal treatment also include sensitivity to heat and cold, and tenderness to touch and chewing. You should also look for tooth discolouration and tenderness of lymph nodes, gum tissue and bone. However, sometimes infection requiring a root canal can be present with virtually no symptoms at all. 

If/When the above symptoms occur, you must consult your dentist immediately. Leaving the tooth abscess untreated can lead to life-threatening complications. 

Root canal therapy is relatively quick, predictable and painless procedure. Our dentists at Dentistry on Queenston perform root canal procedure in house and refer out only those cases that can be better treated by an endodontist who has root canal specialty. 

Please contact our dentist office in Hamilton and Stoney Creek at (905) 561-7310, send us an email to, walk in or complete the online contact form if are having toothache.