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Where Can I Find a Dentist Near Me During the Holidays?

When the holidays roll around, many people throw out their normal routine and adapt a much different schedule thanks to all of the shopping, travel, cooking, and everything else that takes place during this time. To help, Dentistry on Queenston wanted to share these handy tips to help you with your holiday dental care between your appointments:

  • Brush after every meal - Just taking a few minutes after a meal to brush can help keep teeth clean over the holidays, and if brushing isn’t possible rinsing is better than nothing.

  • Avoid sugary foods - While sweet desserts are to be expected during the holidays, try to avoid all day snacking and avoid the sweet drinks as much as possible.

  • Maintain a schedule - Try to keep to some sort of schedule during the holidays, even if it is different than your normal one, so you can stay on track with dental care.

  • Don’t put off an emergency - If you experience a dental emergency like a broken tooth or a lost crown or filling don’t tough it out, call to find an emergency dentist to see you.


For even more dental care tips for you and find the answer to the question of where can I find a dentist near me during the Holidays contact us today here at Dentistry on Queenston!