Dentist In Stoney Creek

Great Services from an Expert Dentist in Stoney Creek

A good dentist will be able to provide the service and care you need to keep your teeth healthy and your gums strong. The biggest risk people face when it comes to their dental health is the development of what is known as gum disease as a result of poor dental care and hygiene. There are two main stages of gum disease are known as gingivitis and periodontitis.


When taken together, these two conditions are estimated to currently affect as much as 80% of adults in the United States alone. These conditions can result in tooth loss, bleeding gums, bone loss in the jaw and other serious dental issues, and this severity of gum disease is also linked to heart attacks and strokes!


This is because the infection can spread from the teeth and gums to the bloodstream where it can affect the heart as well as other major organs throughout the body. Call us today to find out more about getting your appointment made with the expert dentist in Stoney Creek and see how we can help you take care of your teeth and gums!