Dentist In Hamilton

Finding the Best Dentist in Hamilton For You and Your Family

If you are on the hunt for the best dentist in Hamilton for you and your family, we invite you to come see us here at Dentistry on Queenston and see for yourself what great services we can provide, including popular options such as:

  • Cleanings - the foundation of any good dental care plan, routine cleanings are essential for you and your family’s dental health as well as your overall health and wellbeing.

  • X-Rays - to get the right treatments and care you need a clear picture of what is wrong and dental x-rays help with this and we offer basic x-ray services for all our patients.

  • Treatments - we offer a range of treatments for common dental issues such as cavities, over and under bites, crooked teeth, missing teeth, and gum disease among many others.

  • Surgery - when basic treatments are not enough, we can offer basic surgeries and extractions and have dental surgeons we can refer you to for more advanced care.

  • Screenings – staying pro-active is the best way to protect against severe dental issues like oral cancer and periodontists and we offer screenings to help you out as well.

Working with Dentistry on Queenston is a sure way to get the best dentists in Hamilton, so call now to schedule your consultation appointment with our team!