Dental Clinic

Finding the Best Dental Clinic in Hamilton, ON, Canada Can Be Easy

People often complain of tooth pain for one reason or another and it is one of the most commonly reported issues dentists hear from their patients. Here at Dentistry on Queenston we take pride in being able to help local residents with their dental care needs and are proud to be considered the best dental clinic in Hamilton, ON, Canada. We help treat a range of dental concerns from minor to severe and encourage all of our patients to come to us at the first sign of dental problems including any of the following:

  • Sensitivity to temperature which is an early sign of tooth decay and gum infections.

  • Sensitivity after dental treatment may indicate deeper infections that need more treatment.

  • Sharp pain when chewing may indicate cavities or tooth decay issues.

  • Lingering pain after eating is a common symptom of issues with teeth and gums.

  • Constant pain is always concerning and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Call or come by our dental clinic today to schedule your first consultation appointment with us!